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Kirstie Simson - The Art of Improvisation & Partneringwork

Kirstie Simson

MO 29 | 10 | - FR 2 | 11|  täglich 10 -16 Uhr (inkl. Pausen)

«She is one of the legends of British Dance and one of the greatest exponents of Contact Improvisation» Time Out Magazine London



Kirstie is a world-renowned teacher and performer of Improvisation. She has been exploring the form for the past 25 years, since she first studied with Steve Paxton when he brought Contact Improvisation to Europe in the early 1980s.

The workshop will be a deepening exploration of Dance Improvisation, in which Kirstie will draw from her extensive knowledge of Contact Improvisation, the Japanese martial art Aikido and her extensive experience of Improvisation in performance.

Her focus will be on exploring uninhibitedly the huge potential of the body’s response to the primal urge to move, inspired by deep energies released through human interaction, physical challenge and through the excitement of discovering new territory, new sensations and of daring to go beyond inherent ideas of limitation. She builds her classes on very simple physical principles and is always exploring ways for students to experience and understand their own bodies more profoundly, which is often experienced as joyful and liberating. The workshop offers dancers and non dancers a way in which they can extend and deepen their experience of moving, their physical vocabulary and inspire their creative expression.


  (Niveau: M/F)  
  Euro 295 / erm. 265
Anzahlung Euro 170
  Info und Anmeldung: bewegungs-art, Ferdinand Weiß Str. 6a
79106 Freiburg, Tel.: 0761 276167