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Sten Rudstrøm - Action Theater™

Sten Rudstrøm

9. - 11.11.07 & 11. - 13.01.08   
Fr 16 -20 Uhr / Sa & So 10 - 16 Uhr (inkl. Pause)



Action Theater™ Improvisation Training, developed by Ruth Zaporah, is a body-based improvisation class for anyone who wishes to access imagination, develop vocal, verbal and physical performance skills.

During the training, students will work alone and with other classmates in physical & vocal exercises. Exercises isolate and invite exploration of the formal elements: time, space, shape and dynamics. These explorations quiet the conceptual mind and hone awareness.

Other exercises strengthen and expand skills of performance: movement, voice, composition, listening and relationship. Students increase their ability to hold and express emotion, enliven imagination, and recover lost personal material. Every exercise enlightens the relationship between intention, awareness and action as well as engaging the heart and mind.


  Nur für Leute mit Erfahrung in Action Theater™  
  Euro 175 / erm. 165
Anzahlung Euro 100
  beide Wochenenden
Euro 335 / erm. 315
Anzahlung Euro 200
  Info und Anmeldung: bewegungs-art, Ferdinand Weiß Str. 6a
79106 Freiburg, Tel.: 0761 276167